International eProcurement

International eProcurement Technology Platform

Summer 2018

Current Platform

The International eProcurement technology platform is built on an Apache / PHP server with a MySQL DB back-end. We are currently running this technology platform on a Dell 1500C server running a custom configured Linux-based operating system. This server has been operating on a 99.9% uptime. The load on the server is an average of 0.4% and is fully capable of handling even the most aggressive traffic spikes.

Technology platform Block Chain imageThere are several advantages to using PHP, most notably its high performance. International eProcurement’s PHP was written by a small group of developers who focused on stability, speed, and security. PHP is modular and tightly integrated with the web server itself, Apache. Furthermore, unlike other codes PHP is not built on a COM-based structure which only provides more overhead and slows things down. By using this International eProcurement avoids the common issues of IIS and Microsoft Windows which has been continually plagued with security vulnerabilities and instability.

This platform provides us with a production environment that is scalable, secure, and very flexible. The International eProcurement architecture, design philosophy and service policies reflect the ground-up plan to eventually have the capability to support every business in America.

This commitment requires a fundamental departure from traditional “web” design and development practices and places emphasis on even more traditional data center design and management practices. Major infrastructure companies such as Microsoft are aligning their business strategy to support this type of approach.

International eProcurement is planning for the future. As the industry matures, International eProcurement will have the competitive advantage.

The facility used to house the Company’s technology platform has close proximity to carrier POPs, multiple existing IXC and CLEC
interconnects and high capacity power feeds. It is called the Vegas-gate carrier hotel and has 13 different fiber providers within a quarter mile of the facility.

Key features of the facility are:

    • Advanced security systems
    • 24x7x365 Dual-stage access; card key then biometric fingerprint
    • 24x7x365 video surveillance with digital backup
    • Cameras on roof for roof-space customers
    • Perimeter cameras
    • In ceiling motion sensors
    • All systems are monitored by ADT Security

Fire Suppression

Facility has two levels of fire protection:

  • Fike Intella-scan FM-200 clean agent system. Certified by local fire department and professionally maintained under long-term contracts
  • Dual-Interlock dry pipe pre-action system. This system is a backup for the FM-200 system and is connected to a state-of-the-art VESDA smoke detection system
  • 24x7x365 Centralized monitoring


  • Facilities maintain full AC/DC solutions with true redundant backup. All systems are monitored 24x7x365 and generator has guaranteed refueling contract.
  • 100 percent Generator backup with 24-hour fuel supply
  • Dual AC and DC power distribution raceways
  • Telecommunication-dedicated grounding system

Environmental Systems

Telecommunications Service Providers

Future Roadmap

As people started using the newest software platforms they have developed higher expectations in terms of functionality and interactivity. In order to meet these higher expectations we are developing a new software platform using the latest architectures and technologies.

The stack, hosted at Amazon Web Services, is Linux, Node JS and RethinkDB with React on the front-end. The platform is API based: the UI running in the browser is powered by React and the Swagger-node based API serves the data.

This architecture completely decouples the UI so it is very easy to create various types of clients such as mobile clients that consume the API and have various level of functionality. For example it would be straightforward to build a voice-activated client running on a smart watch that allows responding to a bid.

RethinkDB is a JSON based NoSQL database that allows us to store data without having to decompose it as we do now with MySql. It uses clustering to get scalability and availability.

The reporting system uses ElasticSearch as the engine and Kibana for the front-end.

We have built a form system similar to the Drupal FAPI to easily create data entry forms and secure them from arbitrary input and XSS attacks by keeping a copy of the form definition on the server and comparing the POSTed data with the definition. On top of it we have built an object definition framework that uses the form system so you only need to define an object in order to use it; forms creation and data save and retrieve are handled automatically.

Objects such as requests, responses, awards and so on are defined as JSON objects, stored directly in RethinkDB. This approach reduces the code and increases performance because you avoid the decomposition and reassembly needed by the SQL architecture.

In the browser or mobile device React gets the data using AJAX from the REST API, shows it to the user and saves it back.

We think we have a very strong technology platform to support and expand the business for the next ten years