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The Most Important Procurement Blogs of 2018

Today’s fast-moving world creates many challenges for procurement specialists. Many challenges face public and private companies, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations in 2018. These include organizational changes, innovations in technology and communication, and changes and innovations in best practices,

There is a constant pressure to stay current with the latest information on sustainability, global impact resourcing, and maintaining supplier relationships.

Keeping up with the latest improvements, practices, and technologies can be a full-time career.  Subscribing to the many great procurement blogs enables you to stay ahead of the curve with the  latest and greatest innovations coming out.

We scoured the web for procurement blogs and informational sites.  They bring together provocative ideas in management, discussions and reviews of technological advances. Forums enable the reader to discuss issues with peers.

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After a ton of research, here are the top 12 procurement blogs or forums for 2018.  They’re in no particular order.

1. International eProcurement

With over 15 years of experience in the eprocurement market, International eProcurement continues to evolve. Piggybacking on its successful Housing Agency Marketplace, IEP taken the next step in the eprocurement market sector. With the roll out of USA Buyers Marketplace, both private and public entities, educational institutions, and not-for-profits  now have access to the same toolbox. 

2. Next Level Purchasing Association

If educating yourself about procurement is your goal, this blog is a great place to start.

Although the website focuses on training and certification, the blog offers practical articles, useful up-to-date pieces, and differing viewpoints from multiple contributors. Recent blogs have focused on leadership and management issues. However, a quick review of past years shows a wide variety of pieces discussing e-procurement, sourcing, and technology innovations.

3. ec Sourcing Group

Covering topics ranging from change reactivity to technology, this blog offers straight forward ideas and questions to consider when looking at eprocurement systems. The author writes in an easy to read format covering a lot of ground in a short time ensuring  relevant ideas and discussion point are clear.

4. Periscope Holdings

Interested in Government to Business procurement?

The focus of Periscope Holdings’ blog is G2B discussions covering not just procurement and supply but how government entities may be influenced by the local, state, and regional policies. It offers discussions and ideas of how businesses, large and small, can position themselves more favorably to take advantage of these policies.

5. Procurious

Procurious is an online membership network for the next generation of international procurement and supply chain professionals.

Part networking, part educational the website offers classes, webinars, and podcasts. The informational blogs offer discussions of technology innovations, ideas from around the world, and leadership ideas in a clear, well written format.  

6. Procurement Leaders

A good resource for everything to do with procurement. Provides in-depth discussion on a wide variety of topics including procurement technology, spend analytics, impact sourcing, supplier diversity, and leadership.

7. Commitment Matters

This blog, written by Tim Cummins, President of IACCM is designed to provoke discussion and make you think.  As he states in his biography he writes his blog with the idea of “offering cross-industry, cross-functional, multi-national insights to the complex world of business and negotiation at a time of unparalleled change.”

8. CPO Rising

CPO Rising is targeted toward Chief Procurement Officers and other supply management executives. Published by Andrew Bartolini, the Chief Research Officer at Ardent Partners, it focuses on progressive approaches and real-world case studies to discuss procurement and supply chain management.

9. Supply Chain Digital

Aimed at providing Procurement & Supply Chain professionals with industry leading news, analysis, features and reports about the world’s biggest supply chains, this blog showcases the latest supply chain and procurement trends including logistics, warehousing, procurement and supply chain management.

10. Art of Procurement

Launched in 2015 by Philip Ideson, a long-time procurement professional, this site features both a blog and podcast for procurement professionals. 

In his blog and in discussion with industry leaders on his podcast, Ideson shares “trends, strategies and tactics that we can all use to become more relevant to our organizations, and agile in the face of tremendous change.”

11. Spend Matters

Spend Matters is a major Business-to-Business membership global network of procurement and supply chain content covering a range of procurement topics.

It focuses on solutions and analysis in articles and discussion about wide-ranging topics. These include eprocurement, vendor management systems, supplier risk, and working capital management along with some editorial content. The content is aimed to educate and inform everyone from junior analysts to the most seasoned CPOs.

12. Coupa

Coupa is an easy to navigate blog  allowing you to chose whether to focus on Spend Management, Procurement, Finance, IT and Technology, or Business Strategy. The goal of the blog is about sharing tips and advice for improving finance, procurement, and saving companies of all sizes time and money. 

That’s an even dozen blogs and white paper resources!

Read these to stay ahead of the curve on all the procurement updates, spend management, and tech innovations.