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Level 1

The Procurement department displays a notice of certain bid opportunities on their website.

Vendors must contact someone within the Buyers procurement department for instructions on how to view the bid documents.

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Level 2

The Procurement department uploads bid documents to their website giving vendors the option to download the bid documents.

Addendums and additional informational documents can be uploaded by the Buyer and made accessible to the vendor as needed.

Level 3

The Procurement department uploads bid documents to their website. 

The Buyer utilizes a software program enabling Vendors to register online to receive those bids electronically.

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Level 4

The Procurement department utilizes software enabling real-time communication of bid opportunities.

There is real-time communication during and after the bid process with multiple vendors.

Registered vendors can upload documents and pricing with sealed bid functionality.

The Buyers can now download and evaluate vendor pricing online in a safe and secure setting along with having all communications documented.

Buyer FAQ’s

For Buyers, we offer instant access to their existing list of vendors or an expanded pool of vendors in the geographic range of their choice.

Vendors FAQ’s

For Vendors, we offer immediate notification of requests for information, requests for service, requests for proposal, or quotation from buyers.

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If you are at Level 3 or below, the USA Buyers Marketplace can help you save time and monies in the procurement process.

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